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Shenzhen Xinghe circuit Co. Ltd.
Address:China Shenzhen Baoan District
 manhole Four oysters Street 
West Industrial Zone Shenzhen
 Xinghe circuit Co. Ltd.
Phone:+860755-2955 6666
Fax:+86 0755-27888009

Company name: Shenzhen Stariver circuit Co. Ltd.
Address: Shenzhen Baoan District manhole town oyster four Western Industrial Zone
Postal Code: 518104
Tel: 0755-81499916
Fax: 0755-81499249
Contact: Miss Wang, Miss Ma
Company name: Stariver (Fujian) circuit Co. Ltd.
Address: Fujian province Longyan city in front of Wuping County Industrial Zone Industrial Park.
Postal Code: 364302
Tel: 0597-4579858
Fax: 0597-4579818
Contact: Miss Wang, Miss Ma
Galaxy Beijing Marketing Center: Beijing Yu Cheng Hua Technology Co., Ltd.
Tel: 15901051922 010-51240053
Fax: 010-82435761
Sales Manager: Zhou Weibao
Galaxy Shanghai Marketing Center: Shanghai Jing Hui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: Shanghai City, Songjiang District Jiuting Town Road No. 377 at the International Business Plaza, room 2002
Tel: 18917632163 021-64582061
Fax: 021-51878504
Shenzhen Stariver circuit limited company headquarters
Headquarters address: Industrial Zone, Shenzhen Baoan District manhole street Chinese oyster four Western Shenzhen Xinghe circuit Co. Ltd.


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